Presenting Site24x7’s AWS Inventory Dashboard: Keep track of your AWS assets easily!

Presenting Site24x7’s AWS Inventory Dashboard: Keep track of your AWS assets easily!

We as of late included a large number of new highlights and upgrades for our Amazon Web Services (AWS) framework checking clients. Our improvement group put in a considerable measure of diligent work to improve Site24x7 run even. Presently, you can appreciate enhanced observing scope for EC2 occurrences, two new dashboards, and support for AWS benefit level activities. Read the official declaration here.

To enable you to exploit these new highlights and improvements, we needed to distribute a blog arrangement that points of interest each element, clarifies why we included it, and builds up best practices and basic utilize cases. We have effectively secured a few highlights, including our AWS Infrastructure Dashboard, an elevated view to outwardly screen the wellbeing status of your AWS asset, and EC2 status check bolster, which subtle elements our capacity to screen the operational status of each EC2 example consistently.

For this present blog, we will take a gander at Site24x7’s other new dashboard, the AWS Inventory Dashboard.

The AWS Inventory Dashboard is intended to give IT and operations groups perceivability into their regularly changing AWS condition. Since assets are propelled and ended voluntarily, it’s essential to monitor what administrations are at present running in your dev, test, or creation conditions, and in addition what number of assets or occurrences are running under each administration.

aws asset stock dashboard UI


The AWS Inventory Dashboard consequently gathers and shows breakdowns of observed asset sorts over your whole record for each upheld AWS benefit. To put it plainly, the AWS Inventory Dashboard causes you monitor your cloud resources. The dashboard can enable you to answer inquiries, for example, What is the AWS benefit? What number of assets of that specific administration are being observed? Where is it conveyed? On the off chance that you penetrate down, you can likewise see extra metadata and asset design points of interest for that asset.


The dashboard is composed into two areas; the best segment shows a total check of AWS assets (e.g. register, database, and capacity) running in your record. We have additionally supplemented this total stock information with a basic, natural doughnut graph. You can float over any of the rings on the graph to perceive how that ring adds to your stock all in all.

Stock doughnut outline

The base segment of the UI is isolated into singular stock boxes in view of the fundamental administration. Each stock box shows essential and optional data identified with the administration. For instance, the EC2 benefit stock box demonstrates the quantity of observed EC2 examples as the essential substance and the districts where the assets are conveyed as the optional element.

You can likewise observe more definite stock data by tapping on any individual stock box. For example, when you tap on the RDS stock box, a chronicled rundown of all observed asset occurrences for that specific AWS benefit is appeared in a segment alongside essential arrangement information. You can likewise utilize the View Filter symbol to include or expel metadata characteristics from the segment.

The AWS Inventory Dashboard invigorates like clockwork, so changes are naturally refreshed in the dashboard with no arrangement on your part. This revive incorporates any system, stockpiling, or database asset being included or expelled from your record, and general changes to your AWS condition. The dashboard gathers information by surveying various AWS benefit level APIs. Site24x7 makes these API asks for all the time at a foreordained recurrence to gather and store asset and utilization data.

On the off chance that you have associated more than one AWS account with Site24x7, keep in mind to look at our All Accounts stock view. Here we have combined and connected stock data from numerous AWS records to give you an association level diagram.

Attempt the AWS stock dashboard now!

In the event that you as of now have a Site24x7 membership pack and you are utilizing it to screen your AWS account, at that point you can discover the AWS Inventory Dashboard interface under the observed record drop-down in the upper left corner.

In the event that you are a Site24x7 client however you haven’t investigated our AWS framework checking capacities yet, right now is an ideal opportunity to begin. You should simply give Site24x7 access to your AWS assets. There are two diverse approaches to do this: utilizing IAM client creation or cross-account IAM part get to (suggested). Once you’re done, sign in to the Site24x7 comfort, glue the security accreditations or Role ARN, and sit back while we auto-find your AWS assets and construct the dashboard.

More in the pipeline

We are at first propelling the Inventory Dashboard with a restricted list of capabilities, with plans for some enormous upgrades in view of the client reactions we get. Beginning today, we will enhance the usefulness of the dashboard in our up and coming discharges, so we would love to hear your proposals and criticism on how best to advance.

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